Back In Those Days…(18+)

Back then in those days…a lot of dumb things used to happen, things like breaking up with a babe because you’ve been in her pants and leaving her for a babe that you may never see her pants because you think she’s holier than the babe giving you her body…I mean that’s really dumb to me, to me its like leaving something for nothing.
I won’t lie to you, I did that shit too, but that was when I just started having sex, I wanted to let me say ‘sample’ enough girls, you know we had different mentality and the type of friends I had then valued body counts more than how much they have in their bank accounts…and I had to be the Boss, yeah I love being the Boss, so to be the Boss of my clique I had to shagg plenty babes (I was a pussy hunter) and as soon as I get the pussy, I’d find the stupidest reason and break up and move to the next available babe…Luckily for me then, I don’t run out of babes, I was the Bobby Shmurda of my street and School (Hot Nigga)

So I kept doing that, till I met this ‘Babe’… Let me give you real gist about the babe…her name is Ope…I met her in 2010 when I was doing my GCE, we were in the same centre, her seat was beside mine, she and one other babe named Yomi… They were both sitting beside me, Yomi was the first babe to talk to me, I know she really liked me, it was obvious…I guess that made her shy so she’d be sending this Ope babe to me, to ask me some certain questions…you know all that ‘I’m nervous to talk to my Crush’ bs…actually Yomi was a finer babe, and I liked her too but Ope had bigger ass and boobs…… cut the long story short.

One day after our paper, it was Yoruba we had that day and it was in 2 sections, after the first I wanted to go to another school to play with my friends, so I left immediately after the paper…when I was about to step out of the school I wrote my exam…I heard someone call my name Softly from behind…guess who called me…it was Ope, she was like where are you going, I told her, she said cool that she wants to go there too and we should go together…as a bad guy, all I had in my head was how to get down on her…tho we’ve not really talked before but I’ve noticed both of them liked me…as we were going… I told her I’ll like to see if one of my friends is at home that we should go together, we got there, I took her in, my friend excused us…hehe! Little did I know that my life was about to change…OH MY GOD
If you don’t really know me, you’ll prolly think I’m quiet, innocent, and all that, so she and her friend(Yomi) thought I was a very quiet guy and maybe innocent, LOL. And you know to get down with these babes you got to be sweet mouthed and all that…so I showed this babe who inCognito is, she was marvelled…and started giving me all that ‘I thought you’re a good guy’ speech and she was twisting her tongue and playing with her hair giving me all that come and ‘fuck’ me signal. I guess she really liked that I was a lowkey bad guy…….the talking went like that sha…we started kissing, hehe we started kissing…OHMYGHERD, we started kissing…this babe had that magic tongue, just magical, she kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before…I felt like I’ve never being kissed before! Wheeeew, goddammit it was amazing…so we kissed for a while, and all of a sudden she stopped and I thought in my mind “this babe is a pro o, am I not kissing her well enough”…but as she stopped, she went down on me, reached for my boxers, pulled it off a little bit, and grabbed my D, first she was rubbing it softly, then later decided to add little tongue to it! She did all her tongue twisting on my dick, her mouth did all sorts of crazy things to me, my brain couldn’t process them all, and after that asked me to come on her, I did, but I wasn’t really me…she hated that I was taking it slow, so she decided to come on top of me and ride me! No babe has been on top of me before then….haha! This babe knacked the Hell out of Me! Believe me I was knacked that day!! We were not even dating before then…but after everything, I didn’t even know when I asked her out! And of course she said yes, but she said Yomi won’t like it because she already told her she likes me…but on my mind I was like fuck Yomi mhen, she’s not gon take me to heaven and back like you did, cause that Yomi might be a virgin(she looked like one)

Actually I’ve not had a babe that cheap before, but all that didn’t matter…is she a Hoe? yeah, it was written all over her face(she told me herself)…but all that didn’t mean shit to me…cause I still wanted more of the Heaven called her Vagina and of course the legendary Head…the normal me will try and free her after having sex with her…but I became abnormal after the head and the good pussy…men that babe fucked me real bad!!
Now to the point of this Post, Let’s forget about my encounter. If you stop loving your babe after fucking her or if your bf stops loving you after making love to you its because the Sex wasn’t really good, we Niggas love good pussy, and good pussy is like a treasure once you find it you won’t want it to pass you by. If you knack your BF real good, you knack him till he has no single drop of cum in him, you knack him till his dick can’t stand again, you knack him and make him sleep for 2 days straight, you knack him and give him pussy hangover, there’s no way he’s gon cheat on you! No way, there’s no way he’s gon let you go…No Way

There’s no point frontin, there’s no point delaying your bf sex because you want to keep him for long, he’s gon leave your ass and move to the next babe, Sex is the easiest thing to get these days…a lot of horny bitches outchea Hun. Fuck him, destroy him, he might be pro but make him feel like an amateur…and believe me he’s gon be yours forever, you’ve been wondering why these nasty bitches usually get married and have faithful Husbands before them Churchy babes?? Here it is!……Thank Me Later.


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