Tale of a Virgin Cougar — Episode 13

Welcome to another episode of Tale of a Virgin Cougar by inCognito Papi. Now we all know what Mrs. Williams wants from me, we know the kind of relationship she wants with me, you still remember? or you’ve forgotten because I came really late with this episode? you all enjoyed the last episode yeah? You are gonna enjoy this episode better.

So, what’s up Newbies? You are only 12 Episodes behind, you need to read them before you can know what is going on here, why don’t you check HERE for links to the previous Episodes to catch up with other readers 😉

You know before I left home, my Niggas were watching the tape, guess what Niggas were doing when I got back home? They were watching the tape over and over again; none of them was cleaning or trying to clear the house. They were all chilling, watching their last night’s escapades. PrinceEasy was back too, he was just there chilling, seated like the “King of the New Street.” Oh well he is, I mean I know how long he been pursuing Sandra.

When I saw him seated like one king, I just tapped his head from behind, “why you come dey sit like that, you pose like a boss, you dey watch TV like say na you be Man of the Hour”, he looked at me and smiled, it was a smile of victory. He said, “I never even see my own part sef, na Sandra I carry go school since morning, e never tey wey I come back they come tell me say them record am, omo I happy die, because as I dey give am that yesterday, I just they wish say person dey record am.” I hailed him, “PrinceEasy my Nigga!” Quick Question for y’all readers, now that PrinceEasy has colonized Sandra’s territory, does that mean that Sandra has gone back to her old ways or that she is backsliding?

Not like Sandra has changed her ways, not like she has stopped being a church babe, but you know some guys won’t just give up till they get what they want and by the way, PrinceEasy is a stubborn Yoruba boy; he wouldn’t stop till he gets what he wants.

Guys you know something ehn, shey you know that if a Woman’s juicebox is the gateway to heaven, Yoruba Boys are going to dominate heaven, am I right or wrong? Apart from that, Yoruba Boys understand that “Persistence overcomes resistance,” and that is one major key (major key alert y’all) you need to hold on to when you want to get any girl you want.

Sometimes, resistance could overcome persistence but not when you are dealing with a Yoruba Boy, Girls you know when you are dealing with a Yoruba Guy, the persistence vibe is a whole lot different. You tell a Yoruba Boy you have a boyfriend, he would ask if he could be your bestie. If you tell him you have a bestie, he would be coming from top to bottom like that till he says something like “if you have all these people in your life, I am sure you don’t have a personal house boy, let me be your personal houseboy, I will do all you want me to do for you, I will bath for you when you are too tired to do that, I will wash your pant and your bra.” He might even say something nastier, you know.

I sat down to continue watching the tape; my plan was after watching the tape, all of us are going to clean up the house. I and my niggas were chilling with the tape, catching trips. While I was watching I was thinking about Mrs. Williams and what we discussed earlier. She wants to be happy again, she wants to live again; she wants me to be available for her.

Mrs. Williams has been with only one man all her life, kissed only one man before she met me, she must have missed out some fun when she was in her prime. I mean, there is a high probability that Mrs. Williams has not given blow job before. It is very possible her plate has not been licked before; it is likely her meat flap has not been eaten before.

Maybe we can blame my thoughts on the tape I was watching as my thoughts began to run wild. As I was watching Niggas eating their babes, I was also thinking of eating Mrs. Williams in the process of being available for her. I also imagined how her potorro would be, would it be an abyss (wild) or a soggy box (tight)? I mean, she gave birth to Elliot, if it is wild, it is understandable yeah? I have never being in the pink canoe of a Mother before so I don’t know how it is in there or how it feels riding in it.

We all know what Mrs. Williams wants, she wants to live again and she wants to be happy again, I am sure if I put my magical tongue in her cave of wonders she would definitely come back to life and she would be happy when I make juice spring forth from her cave of wonders but happiness is not all about that. She needs me to be a good listener like I’ve been, she needs me to sooth her, to make her feel loved and wanted; I am good at doing those.

I was getting excited as I was thinking about all these things, I was feeling like the relationship between Mrs. Williams and I is going be a great one for the both of us, but will it be? How is the end going to be? We are getting to the end!

“Na PrinceEasy dey enter after this guy” King Solomon said, just before my phone rang; has Mrs. Williams gotten home? I thought she was the one that was calling me so i quickly picked up my phone and when I saw who was calling me I told everybody to be quiet and pause the tape. Who was calling me? Can you guess?

My Dad was calling me, he hardly calls me. As I saw his call my heart began to malfunction, my heart was not beating anymore, it was cutting, I began to feel like I had the AUX cable plugged to my heart, all my Niggas knew something was up as they were all asking who was calling me, I told them my Dad. Ghen-Ghen!

Why is my Dad calling me please? Has someone called him to tell him all I did in his house, please readers, shey I am not dead like this? I have to be a man you know? Let me pick up first.

“Hello” it was my Mom that was on the other end, “Hello Love, where are you?” Where am I? Quickly I answered her, “I am in school maami, what is going on? How are you?” She asked me if I went home for weekend and I told her I didn’t go because they were not around.

“We are almost in Lagos; we just passed the Redeem Camp. I will call you when we get home, will you come?” I am finished; the house was still in a complete mess, I can’t finish cleaning before they get home, how am I going to do it?

As she was dropping the call I told my Niggas what was going on, I told them we have about an hour and half to clean up and leave the house before my parents come, My Niggas won’t leave me alone to it so immediately we started clearing and cleaning the house, Division of Labour came back to life that Saturday.

We cleaned the whole house and we left for school. I didn’t want to wait for them at home in case they noticed something happened in the house, it will be better if they call me to come from school than for me to be there when they see these things. I might decide not to go home for a long time if anything happens and it will be hard for my Dad to come looking for me in school, so going to school is like running away, you dig?

“Ahh I’m dead, my Dad is calling me, maybe they have found out what went down while they were away!” That’s what I thought to myself when I saw my Dad calling me. I sensed my unease as I saw his call, really ehn we cleaned up the house but you know we might not clear all the evidences because we were rushing but wait first let me pick his call and hear what he wants to say.

“Hello My Son, we are just getting home now, are you going to come later in the day, you should come home, I helped you bring some things from the village” My mom said, she used my Dad’s phone to call again. I told her I will come if I could. I can’t go to that house for now, I have to chill for like 3 days at least and make sure they don’t know about all my escapades while they were away.

My plan for that Saturday was to sleep in my room all day, I have not even slept very well but wait first I have not eaten. Where should I go and eat? Normally, I would just go downstairs to the woman that sells food in my hostel and eat like #200, but because I still have money with me; Mrs. Williams didn’t collect her change from the hotel you remember?

Let me just go and eat where they have nice and exotic food, where is that? I am not going to mention the name, because that would be free advertisement sheybi you know? (Quick One: if you want me to talk about you, your brand or whatever you do in my stories mail me ghiddie@gmail.com).

So I went there and I bought what I wanted to eat, I bought my food like I was being paid to spend money on food. After getting my food, I turned around to look for where I would sit to eat, my eyes met with someone and the person was looking at me like “come and sit with us”, who did I see? Oya Guess who I saw, I know instead of you people to guess you will ask who, you Bloody Nigerians.

It was Elliot I saw eating with his girlfriend, my ex and Lola’s friend, Vanessa.  With the way he was looking at me I knew he wanted me to come and sit with them, so I just carried my food and went to sit with them. Vanessa looked back; I knew Elliot must have told her I was coming to sit with them because Vanessa looked back and she was looking at me like, “what is this one looking for here again?” but really, sitting there will be somehow you know?

I went to their table to sit with them, “Nigga, are you sure you can finish this food as skinny as you are?” That’s what the ode (Elliot) said to me when he saw how much food I had bought. I told him I would finish it and that I have not eaten in a while. Vanessa took that opportunity to throw a blatant shot at me, she said “so you now want to eat the whole world because you have not eaten in a while?”

Vanessa and her boyfriend fired shots at me like I was an armed robber facing the firing squad but what will a Nigga do? Let me troll along with their jokes or whatever, “so both of you are now attacking me abi? Because my own girlfriend is not here” I said that referring to Lola as my girfriend. As Vanessa heard I referred to Lola as my girlfriend she frowned a little bit but I didn’t care, I kept talking; “Let me even call my girlfriend to come meet us here sef, sheybi you people think you can abuse very well, let my Lola come.” I dropped my spoon and picked up my phone like I was trying to call Lola.

As Elliot saw I wanted to call Lola he said, “Just don’t waste your airtime bro, she must have gotten to her Big Momma’s house already” (Lola’s big Momma is Mrs. Williams). Elliot now wanted to be giving me gist that his Mom is Lola’s big Momma, gist I already heard from his Mom that morning, I was just looking at him, I wish I could just tell him “yeah I know, your Mom told me already this morning,” but I can’t, let me just keep listening to him and be pretending like I know nothing about what he was talking about.

“Oh yeah I forgot, she told me this morning” at the back of my own mind I was referring to his Mom, but he thought I was referring to his Cousin. “Let me just eat my food, but the two of you should stop looking at me like a glutton o, I only eat occasionally”

“Yeah right” Vanessa said. “But when you eat, you eat real good” she added, as she said this she was doing the under table leg romancing bullshit with me, you know it? She was using her leg to caress mine, she quickly winked at me as Elliot looked away, I knew the kind of “Eat” she was saying at that moment, I am sure you know it too and if you don’t you are in the dark like Elliot too.

Vanessa wouldn’t stop; I was beginning to feel somehow, my Abraham’s rod was beginning to remember when it used to make water spring forth from Vanessa’s dry land. Elliot was there, my Nigga was just eating, he would eat small and stare at Vanessa then smile like someone that his destiny was kept in Vanessa’s honey pot. I was just looking at him, I really don’t wanna be him, it was going down under the table he was eating and he knows nothing about it.

I didn’t enjoy my food like I wanted to, that Vanessa girl wouldn’t let a Nigga eat in peace. I won’t lie to you guys, I miss that girl too you know. I should probably find time for her maybe we could have some good times like we used to. Readers, how far? Should I find time to see Vanessa again? LOL I know what you all want.

“I am going to my hostel nitemi o, since you don’t want to finish eating this small food since morning” I said to them after eating my food and they were still eating the small food in front of them like they both had sore throats.

“Ok Bro, what is your room number, I will come check you when I am back to the hostel” he said. I told him a wrong room number. Why did I tell him a wrong room number? I knew Elliot wants us to be rolling together, he probably wants us to be friends but that wouldn’t be nice as he will be quick to find out what is really going on between Lola, Vanessa and I, he might even find out about his Mom.

“Sheybi na room 208 you dey” I told him, remember I asked for his room number last night? He said yeah and I told him no problem that we will meet in the hostel later in the day, “Mama, take care of you ok?” I stood up and I left them there.

I was so filled and tired, the walk back to my hostel was tiring, I was so sleepy that I was sleep walking, you know sometimes you eat too much and immediately after the food you just want to sleep, sleep was so much on my mind, all I was picturing was the sweet nap I was going to have that afternoon.

Finally, I got to my hostel and of course I went to bed straight up. I had a sweet and uninterrupted nap. I checked my phone when I woke up, checked to see my messages and all. I was too tired to get up so I still spent more time just lying in bed, Solomon called to ask if my parents noticed anything back at home and I told him nothing so far because they have not called me.

After Solomon’s call I decided to call my mom, I told her I wouldn’t be able to come home that weekend because I have loads of assignments to do, I also asked her if everything was alright at home, she then said “why is the house so clean, when did you clean everywhere?” hehe the house was so clean, maybe My Niggas and I should just take up housecleaning as jobs since we could clean and clear the whole place in about an hour and half and no traces was left that my parents didn’t even notice a loud and wild party went down there the previous night.

Finally, I got up from bed to ease myself. Getting back I saw that I had a missed call and it was from Lola, she should be at Mrs. Williams place na, why is she calling me again? abi I don cast ni? Abi she found out about Mrs. Williams and me? That is not possible abeg.

What is going on? Why did she call? Let me just call her back. She called again just when I was about to dial her number, “Baby” that is all I said when I picked her call. “You ehn” she said mildly so I knew all was well, it was not what I was thinking.

“Baby which one is ‘you ehn’, what did I do again?” I asked her.

“Be asking me what you did there o, you cannot call someone abi?” I can’t recall ever calling her; I have never called her before. Since we exchanged numbers, her number has just been there on my phone, I haven’t had a reason to call her, so when she said that to me I was just wondering, why would she be expecting my call?

“I wanted to call you jor, but Elliot told me you were at your Big Momma’s place, are you back?” I was just playing along; the reason why she would be expecting my call is still unknown to me. She told me she was still at Mrs. Williams place and I said okay.

“Where are you now? Are you busy?” She asked me. I told her I was in my hostel and that I was not doing anything, she then asked if she could come see me, since I already told her I was not doing anything I told her she could come.

“I will call you when I am outside your hostel, sheybi you are in Biobaku hostel” she asked me. Of course Biobaku is my hostel, no other hostel is surer on Campus. I told her yes and that I will be expecting her.

I got up from bed to get ready for the Queen soon cometh, Lola is the queen you know? Had to shower and all, I didn’t understand the reason for her coming I was just waiting till I see her, but come to think of it, why do you think Lola wants to come to my hostel? We will all know when she comes now sha but now let me go and clean up.

I went to shower, guess what was running through my mind when I was in the bathroom? Y’all know it’s been a while since I had some good time and when I say good time I mean some good knack. Lola was the last girl I went down with and we didn’t even finish it because it was interrupted by her roommate, my dream is not yet fulfilled.

What exactly is my dream, oh God! My dream, yeah my dream is to do Bingo style with Lola, yeah Doggie, giving her back shots might just be a life time experience, I really want to operate her Idi Araba like I’m a Medilag student, but I have so many things going on, I have her Aunty to think about, her friend, Vanessa, I just have to be careful with all these people before they fuck up my life and I get suicidal like Tiwa Savage’s husband.

I know what Mrs. Williams want from me, I know what Lola wants from me, just random hook ups and little more of the experience Vanessa had with me, I think. I should talk to that Lola girl sef, we should both know what we want from each other, me I want doggie and that is all, after the doggie we should not meet again, let her come first sha.

I spent more time in the bathroom, cleaning up was rigorous that afternoon, as I was cleaning up I was also cleaning down, Lola and I might be going down later in the evening or some ‘an eye for an eye’ stunt might occur (substitute an eye for a head, some of you won’t understand because you are not good in maths), but I knew that was not going to happen in my hostel, if you know UNILAG hostels very well you will know such doesn’t happen in our hostels.

“What will I wear now?” I thought to myself when I stepped out of the shower, let me just wear my ‘Who You Epp’ teez made by gAgAklotinz that I just bought, you can also cop yours, check him out on Instagram @gAgAklotinz and order yours, it’s dope, believe me.

I dressed up and I was waiting for Lola to call me, it was taking her forever to call me. “I been dey think say you wan go out before ni” said Dammy Fresh, one of my roommates. I told him I was waiting for the person to call me.

Let me just call her to know wassup jare, I have little patience to be waiting like I’m a medical patient. I called her and she didn’t pick so I kept on looking like a lizard. You know that feeling when you are all dressed up, ready to step out and slay, me I was ready to slay with the shirt I just bought; because I couldn’t wait, I dialed her number again and this time she picked.

“Hello, Hello… I am driving. Let me call you back, I’m almost in school sef” she said that like as she was talking she was eating hot yam, so fast I could barely hear her. Nothing spoil sha, she communicated because I could hear her. So I went back to waiting like I work in a restaurant, Mr. Waiter.

Thirty minutes later I was still waiting, “oh maybe she is not coming anymore” just after that thought she called, “oya come downstairs now, I’m downstairs”. Because I have been waiting for too long I got up straightaway.

Getting downstairs, I saw what I was not expecting, “oh God! This is not happening!” what can I do? Let me call Lola and pretend like I didn’t know what was going on. What was going on?

When I got downstairs I saw that Mrs. Williams’s car was parked, I already knew Lola was in the car but I had to pretend like I have not seen her, how did she end up driving Mrs. Williams’s car? Mrs. Williams is like a Mom to her, I agree but I didn’t know they were that cool that she could drive her car.

“Hello Lola, sheybi you said you are downstairs I can’t see you na” I said to her when I called her. The car was in front of me, I could see the car, I could see inside, I could see Lola, I could see Lola see me but I still had to put up that act, I just wanted it to be known to her that I have not seen that car before or I know why she would be in the car.

She decided to alight and show me she was in the car, she was showing off, trying to impress a Nigga. I am sure she brought the car to show me that her head is there too, to show me that she sef get class but I was in the same car with the real owner earlier that day, so all those showing off didn’t matter to me, all on my own mind was how to play safe with everybody.

We were not far from each other, she could hear me talk so I said “there you are” and I walked up to her to hug her. “wassup? You looking good sweetie, where are you coming from” I asked her.

“I just dropped my Aunty off at the salon and I will be going to pick her when she is done, just thought we could hang out before she is done at the salon, I would be the only at home and I don’t want to be bored, why don’t you get inside the car, it’s too hot out here” she said to me.

We entered the car and she was just looking at me for the first very few moments, I was looking at her too, she was really looking good that afternoon, you remember I told you she has a fat ass, as she was sitting down in the car her body was mad, as she was sitting you would know she was sitting on some crazy booty.

“Your shirt is nice o” she said, “your dress is nice too” I said to her then I winked at her, I was just trying to be cool but she thought I was forming sexy for her. “See don’t even come and start winking at me here, you will be forming sexy for someone; do you want my mind to wander?” she smiled flirtatiously and then she winked back.

“Baby you can let your mind wander, it is allowed” at this point we were already flirting and the way it was going it was looking like we were going to knack that evening, are we going to really knack and if we knack, are we going to do doggie? Is my dream going to come true?

After much flirting she said, “Why don’t you let us go to my Auntie’s place? Now that she is at the Salon I would be the only one at home, we could go to her place and you will love it there”

This na temptation abeg, with a little confusion and a lot of infatuation. My dear readers, Lola just told me to follow her to Mrs. Williams’s house. She was going to drive me to Mrs. Williams’s house in Mrs. Williams’s car, the same car I drove earlier that morning and Lola knew nothing about.

Should I decline?? If you were me would you decline or nah? I didn’t say No o, since she said nobody would be home and she also said that she would be the one to go pick her from salon, that means there is no way she was going to come and meet me there, it is safe to go, really it is safe, let me just do it like Nike.

I told her we could go and we went, I knew Lola just started driving with the way she was driving, I then understood why she talked so fast when I called her while she was driving. You know remember when you just started driving? It was hard to do other things while driving, she wasn’t even really talking to me, she was so focused on the road and she wasn’t even holding the steering, she was hugging it.

I didn’t disturb her, just little chit chat till we got to Mr. & Mrs. Williams’s house, there was a man at the gate that opened the door for us; the man at the gate is the gateman for those that don’t know.

“Oh my good God, is Mr. Williams a drug dealer? How is his house this beautiful?” that is what I said in my thoughts when I saw the building, Lola must have seen on my face that I was impressed, she has been to my house, she knows my house is nothing. Besides, the Lola babe continued to show off. She told me her Uncle, Mr. Williams had a lot of cars. “This car is my Aunties smallest car” she also bragged.

I teased her about having rich people all around her, that is how she started gisting me about all her family, she bragged about how rich they all are, but that entire gist was not doing me. You know what was doing me? The smart ones know what was doing me already.

As we were going inside she was feeding me with gist; as she was feeding me with the gist she was also showing things in the house. I will not lie to you, Mrs. Williams lives in a paradise and Elliot is just one lucky child.

We were sitting in one big sitting room before Lola asked for what I would love to eat or drink, I knew they will have wine in the house so I just requested for a red wine. Let me sef drink some exotic wine, I don’t know when I will have the kind of opportunity again.

It was a very big sitting room, the chairs were so comfortable, I felt like I was sitting in heavens chair, I was so chilled that afternoon, chillaxing and sipping my wine. Lola said she wants to go and change her dress, she was so comfortable there; I could tell the place is just like home to her. When she left I quickly took some selfies and shaperly made some videos on my snapchat (ghiddie is my username on snapchat, add me) as I was chilling and sipping my wine.

I was really enjoying myself, I was enjoying my life. I was chilling in Mrs. Williams’s sitting room, can you guys imagine that? My mind was so much at peace and at that moment everything was going on just smoothly, but as I saw what Lola changed into I knew things were about to go on sweetly.

Lola, the evil babe; she went inside and changed to one hell of a raunchy dress. “Baby, let us go upstairs” she said to me. I was so into her that I forgot I left my drink behind; I was already following her like I was her tail. She reminded me to carry my drink and I went back to carry it.

Upstairs was a better place, the lights there were not bright, it was dim there, upstairs was a good place for some good knacks, maybe it will all be going down ‘upstairs’, maybe.  I sat down and she sat beside me, so close to me that our bodies could touch, she asked if I will like to watch television but I told her ‘No’ that I was good, she then asked me “so what do you want to do now?”

Which kind question, what does she mean by what do I want to do now? I wished I could really tell her what I wanted to do, but that will make me too blunt, so I just told her that I was alright.

“In case you need anything just let me know, okay?” she said that and then rested her head on my chest, I was relaxed when I sat down on the couch, it was from her resting her head on my chest that we started making out.

Because of the way I was seating in the couch, it was easy for me to reach for her lips with my lips, after kissing her for some seconds; she decided to question me, “do you know why I like kissing you?” she asked me. I told her I didn’t know that she would have to tell me. She said “because they are so soft, your lips are my second favorite part of your body”

If my lips are her second favourite part of my body, what then is the first favourite? Don’t you think I need to know? So I asked her, “so what part of my body is your number one favourite?” the way she smiled ehn I already knew what she was going to say, she wouldn’t talk, I guess she was too shy to say it, so instead she point at it, I acted like I didn’t really get what she was talking about so I told her to point closer, as she was trying to point closer I took her hand and brought it on my rod, she saw that it was hard it was ready to ginger her ginger, She said “this is exactly why it is my number one favorite, look how hard it is”. She loves my lips because it is soft; she loves my D because it is hard. That’s ironic yeah?

“Why are you so hard?” she asked me again. Why are my so hard? How won’t I be hard with all these unsolved equations going on around us right now? Let me just answer her with a question questioning her question; so I asked her, “why are you so hot?” and she was just looking, all she could do was kiss me some more, this time it was longer and deeper.

As the kissing was going on my fingering finger was already itching, it was beginning to feel like fingering her, it was itching so bad I had to take the finger to its place of choice so it would stop itching, so I slipped my fingering finger into her honey pot, her honeypot was moist, I used my fingering finger to prepare her honeypot for the invasion of my king that was coming soon to reign in the palace of her sweetness, and this time I want my king to enter from the back, I want doggie!

She still had the raunchy dress she had on, she had loosened my belt and began was fiddling with my Excalibur. It was time for some real action, time to undress, this 2Face and R. Kelly song began to play in my head ‘flex, time to have sex, flex’

We were still on the couch, wasn’t all that comfortable but it was suitable for what I had in mind. So we began to undress and all, we kissed throughout this process of undressing and when we were done undressing we kissed some more.

Since I was seated in a relaxing manner she decided to come on me after we undressed, Lola and her big ass decided to come sit on me. Lola is really good, see ehn Lola is just Vanessa 2.0, damn she knows how to work it, the way she was riding me, the way she was grinding me, the way she was getting to work I knew she was better than Vanessa. Vanessa was good but men Lola is better; this babe was grinding me like she was grinding to Rihanna’s hit single “Work”. She was riding me like “work work work work work”

I knew I was going to burst soon and I entered her without protection, I didn’t want to burst in her, I also didn’t want her to stop D riding, I was going to burst soon and she doesn’t even care, she was just riding me, when I was so close to bursting I started returning the shots as she was throwing it at me, she must have noticed I was going to cum soon instead for her to stop, she held me tighter, I knew she wanted me to cum in her, so peacefully and jejely I poured everything in her, she wanted it.

That should be all yeah? But it wasn’t because we haven’t done almighty doggie yet. We were done but she was still on me, just that no penetration was going on again. She was holding me tight to her, more like she was resting on me. “Do you know I nut in you?” I decided to ask her, it is vital to talk about such things because I don’t want her to call me later and be telling me she has been checking everywhere and can’t see her period, lol

She told me she knows and I said “Okay”, “Are you scared?” she asked me. What will I be scared of, pregnancy? I told her I was not scared, that I just wanted her to know, so she would know what she can do about it.

“I don’t like using condoms” she said, I was still wondering why she said that when she continued talking, “I love having the whole thing in me; you know it has a lot of nutrients in it and it helps in the growth of ass too.” Oh yeah? How true is that? Does cum really help ass get bigger?

We talked about few other things and when we were done talking I was hard again, ready to go for the second time but this time I want doggie abeg, I have waited too long, so how do I kick that off?

Slowly I pushed her aside then I came on her and kissed her. She thought I was going to enter from the front but nah; I tapped her to turn around, as I tapped her to turn around I stood up from the couch so she knows what I had in mind, Lola understood what was going on, so it wasn’t hard getting her in the perfect position for better penetration and sweeter doggie.

Finally, I came in silently from the back because she was still moist, slowly I was penetrating, the kind of sweetness I experienced was heaven kind of sweetness, nothing on earth should be that sweet, my view that moment is doper than Drake’s new album, “Views”.

Niggas, we all do this but maybe not all sha, only the ones that have exploited the goodness of doggie. Sometimes when you are hitting your girl from the back, when you are destroying her bumper from rear position; you make some kind of facial expressions and do some things that she would freak out if sha sees you.

I have done that so many times, that is probably why doggie is my favorite style. As I was giving Mrs. Williams’ niece from the back, I was just feeling myself; grinding her like yeah one trained porn star, even my facial expressions supported my claim.

The wetter it gets, the sweeter it is you know? It was getting sweeter my dear Readers, I couldn’t hold it anymore as I put my two hands in the air like I get yawa with Olopa, like I surrender it all. I wouldn’t surrender till I dab on the honeypot that is why doggie is the sweetest style you can ever think of, you can dab while doing it.

As I thought of dabbing, I began to hit her with rhythms, I don’t know if you people understand what I am saying, I will try and explain. You know sometimes when you are making love and you are listening to music, there’s a way the music has influence on the way penetration is made.

Since there was no song, songs were playing in my head. None other than Olamide’s “Oya Dab.” “Like Timaya baby I concur” of course I concur, Vanessa is Baddo and Lola is the Baddest. Let me just stop writing about how it all went down with Lola that evening before some of you start calling me Porn Writer. My Mom might want to read this story someday too, LOL.

Ok, now I got what I want from Lola, we had series of sex that day. We had in different places, after so many rounds, I was hungry and we went to the kitchen to cook up some food to eat also some good knacks.

All was going well till she started telling me some stories I didn’t want to hear, she was telling me she broke up with her boyfriend and now she is single, she also told me Vanessa told her she was finally loving her cousin, Elliot. I understood what she was telling me, she wanted us to start dating and she was trying to let me know Vanessa wouldn’t mind if we eventually date. But what do you think?

No abeg, I cannot date Lola, I told Mrs. Williams I am single, it would be bad if I now start dating her niece, but God! Lola is too sweet, thought all I wanted was to doggie and forget her, but I didn’t know it would be that sweet. Now I want more of Lola but I don’t want to date her. Am I about to fuck up? Am I about to mess things up?

I was just looking at her when she was telling me these things. By that time, we were done eaten and we were just watching TV in the sitting room we had sex in. I didn’t know what to say to her, I was just doing like I was watching TV but my mind had travelled miles away, there was a lot running through my mind.

As I was still thinking, trying to balance up what was going on in my head, we heard the gate being opened like someone was driving in. The way Lola looked at me, I knew she was not expecting anyone so who is at the gate? Please readers come, am I not dead like this? Who could be at the gate? Please epp me answer that question please “Epp me!!”

Thank You for reading this episode, I hope I still have some people reading this story or have I lost all my readers because I came late? You people don’t even remember to check for updates again, with everything going on around us. With all the drama and obstacles we face daily, most of us are busy battling heat or looking for how to get fuel. See ehn, sometimes I want to write an episode and the heat will just come and melt all the ideas in my head, I am so sorry readers, light has been bad sef, no fuel join and my Laptop apparently isn’t solar powered. You people should pray for Nigeria, pray for good weather, and pray for my bank account. Don’t forget to pray for UNILAG too o! I am sure most of y’all heard what is going on with us. It is hard being an Akokite right now, not when our exam starts in a week and they want to sign forms to sell our souls.

See ehn, let me warn you, if after reading story and all you could think of doing is to “copy and paste” without giving due credits God will punish you, LOL. Sorry readers, I had to do it.  So till I would be releasing 14th episode, stay blessed and stay out of Drama please, spirit of confusion, spirit of depression, spirit of self-casting that entered Uncle Tunji will not enter you o!! May our lives not crash some people’s marriage o, I didn’t mention anybody’s name o, ehn hn!

Written By inCognito Papi [don’t forget to follow me on Twitter/Instagram: – @inCognitoPapi Bless!!!]


11 thoughts on “Tale of a Virgin Cougar — Episode 13

  1. i think am geting bored waiting for the next episode to be release .man you got to hurry and give us episode 14 and 15.i like you work though


  2. LOL I wonder o…2 months gone and no more post.. You don die? Or Abi they catch you dey fuck for house imprison you?
    Post something jare, readers they vex.


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