Sometimes you dance with tears in your eyes,

Sometimes you laugh with sorrow in your heart,

Sometimes you love with hate in your soul,

Sometimes you live with fear in your mind.
Sometimes you cry under the shower, like Tears in the Rain, you can’t see it but it’s there.

Trying to paint the Pain in my heart but I’m not Artist enough. 

Trying to write the Ache in my soul but I’m not Poet enough.

Trying to act like all is well but I’m not Actor enough.

Trying to swim through the oceans of my worries but I’m not Phelps enough

Trying to shine when amor shine but I’m not Charles enough

Trying to fight for my Freedom but I’m not Mandela enough

Trying to stay focused but I’m not Camera enough

Trying to be determined and never give but I’m not Kanu enough

Trying to chase my dreams but I’m not Bolt enough or let me say I’m not Meek Mill enough

Trying to base everything on logistics but I’m not Efe enough

Trying to change but I’m not Buhari enough

Trying to be the best but I’m not DJ Khaled enough

Trying to learn that Aye Ole but I’m not Infinity enough

Trying to live without stress but life is not Eazi enough

Trying to snub my miserable past but I’m not Ola of Lagos enough

Trying to love this bitch called Life but I’m not Romeo enough

Trying to Base everything on believe but I’m not BlackMagic enough

Trying to be gingered but I’m not Terry G enough

Trying to make heaven but I’m not Saint enough.

Trying to find my Sole purpose that is what my soul proposed, that’s why I’m wandering; Wondering when I’ll stop Wandering but have I wander enough? I Wonder!


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